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School Highlights

St. Mary-St. Cecilia Catholic School is a Core French school with a population of approximately 254 students who are enrolled in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. St. Mary-St. Cecilia Catholic School prides itself on its variety of programs that have been established to meet the individual needs of our students, including a Resource Program to support our Special Needs students.
Each of our staff members has a specialty that allows our students to gain knowledge in many key areas such as Special Education, Physical Education & Health, Mathematics, Science, Religion, French, Technology and The Arts. All students in our Core French Program receive 160 minutes of French language instruction per week from grades 1-8.
In addition, our staff members allow our students to participate in several activities in the school setting. Our students participate in board wide sports tournaments that are held throughout the school year. Students are also encouraged to take part in the many extra-curricular activities, such as the Art Club, the Homework Club, the Ukulele Club, ECO Club, Intramural sports, Guitar & Key Board lessons (provided by the parents) and many other activities.
Students have access to a laptop computer or an iPad, as well as access to the Internet. All classrooms now have wireless capabilities. All our classes from grades K to 8 are also equipped with a Smart Board, and every class has a document camera. Our gymnasium has a variety of equipment for student use allowing teachers to teach a variety of skills, sports, and activities. We are proud to offer a variety of programs, which meet the individual needs of all our students.
In addition, we offer a Healthy Breakfast Program which provides nutritional snacks to our students, promoting healthy living. This program is sponsored by Healthy Eating for Better Learning and provided the funds to enable the school to purchase healthy breakfast items for our students daily.
Lastly, LEGO robotics, Minecraft, Scratch programming and more, we are a tech hub that facilitates learning through innovative technological ways. Students from kindergarten to grade 8, demonstrate their learning through high interest project-based challenges. At St. Mary-St. Cecilia, we use technology as a tool to develop the 21st century competencies, allowing students to create solutions to real world problems.