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About St. Mary – St. Cecilia Catholic School


We are extremely fortunate to work in an environment which represents who we are as Catholics. It is a pleasure to work at a school where staff, students, parents/guardians, and parish community work together promoting excellence in all areas of Catholic education. Our goal at St. Mary – St. Cecilia School is to provide an educational path that develops lifelong learners and problem solvers. At St. Mary – St. Cecilia School, a stimulating, exciting and challenging learning environment is provided so that all students can grow and reach their potential - intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically. We are fortunate to have a dedicated staff that strives to provide the best educational opportunities for all students.

The staff at St. Mary – St. Cecilia Catholic School is committed to providing students with an education that will allow them to be life-long learners and contributing members of a changing society. St. Mary – St. Cecilia Catholic School has a unique group of educators who are committed to our students. Our teachers have specialists in the areas of Special Education, Technology, Religion and Family Life Education, and Physical Education to name a few. This exceptional team is dedicated to forming partnerships between home, school, and parish. We, as a team, will work at making education distinctively Catholic. In addition to providing Catholic education, the team at St. Mary – St. Cecilia Catholic School is committed to providing quality programs within a framework of excellence. The Support Team at St. Mary – St. Cecilia is also an outstanding, committed group of individuals always working for the benefit of our students and our school in all areas.

Our school community embraces and supports our Faith Virtues daily by modeling positive relationships, by spending time together as a school community, and by remaining faithful during difficult times. We also reinforce the Catholic Graduate Expectations and this year’s Board theme: “Be Holy Joy Springs from a Loving Heart”. Further, we are blessed to be located beside St. Mary’s Parish, as we celebrate liturgical services at the church monthly with Father Thomas Thazhappally. St. Mary – St. Cecilia Catholic School is always looking for parents to join our Catholic School Council who are willing to work with the school in partnership for the benefit of our students and who would be willing to help provide the students with the extras needed. Parents are an integral part of our school, and the support they give the school is important. By volunteering in the school or helping with special events, your assistance is strongly felt by all the students and staff. Again, welcome to St. Mary – St. Cecilia Catholic School. I feel honored and blessed to be part of this community and community of learners and staff.


Yours in Catholic Education,


Stephanie Swenson, Principal